Ashley Andrews, Planner

Ashley provides municipal and regional GIS services.  She also coordinates and carries out the Region’s field services program, coordinates Road Foreman Roundtables, and assists communities with Local Hazard Mitigation Plans.

Daniel Currier, Program Manager

Dan provides technical assistance to municipalities on transportation issues and manages the Region’s transportation program.  He is responsible for the creation of the Regional Transportation Plan, staffs the Region’s Transportation Advisory Committee, develops multi-modal project priorities, conducts special transportation studies, and coordinates regional input to the VTrans project development process.

Bonnie MacBrien, Finance & Office Manager

Bonnie provides financial management services, grant administration, and general organizational coordination.

Pam DeAndrea, Senior Planner

Pam provides GIS data and maps for the towns in Central Vermont.  She is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the GIS Department at the Commission and maintains the network for CVRPC.  She also carries out CVRPC’s water quality program and natural resource projects.

Laura Ranker, Planner

Laura coordinates the Region’s emergency preparedness and hazard mitigation program.  She assists municipalities with Local Emergency Operation Plans (LEOP), Local Hazard Mitigation Plans, and EMD/EMC training and outreach.  She also staffs the Local Emergency Planning Committee #5 (LEPC-5).  Laura is the Region’s Community Development Block Grant specialist.

Nina Truslow, Planning Technician

Nina assists other staff with data research and analysis for local and regional plans, local energy plans, and local hazard mitigation plans.  She also completes transportation field work and mapping, including culvert inventories and road erosion assessments, to support public infrastructure investments and implementation of clean water projects.

Eric Vorwald, AICP, Senior Planner

Eric assists municipalities with land use planning issues, including municipal plans and bylaws, and development of the Regional Plan. He is also involved in development review and staff’s the Project Review Committee, Town Plan Review Committee, Regional Plan Committee, and Regional Energy Committee.

Bonnie Waninger, Executive Director

Bonnie provides leadership and visibility for the organization. She handles the administrative and organizational issues, as well as financial oversight. She also coordinates with other Vermont regional planning commissions, State agencies, and the Vermont General Assembly.  Bonnie temporarily staffs the Region’s Brownfields Program and Brownfields Advisory Committee.

Max Whitcomb, Planning Technician

Max completes transportation field work and mapping, including culvert inventories, road erosion assessments, and traffic counts.  He also assists with analyzing data and developing reports to support public infrastructure investments and implementation of clean water projects.