Regional Energy Planning

Through a contract with the Department of Public Services, the Bennington County Regional Commission has subcontracted with the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission to develop a comprehensive regional energy plan. This plan will identify goals and policies that can be implemented on a regional level to met the State of Vermont’s Comprehensive Energy Plan goal of having 90% of the state’s energy produced by renewable sources by 2050.

Ultimately, the comprehensive energy plan will serve as the basis for identifying the Region’s overall energy needs and planning for efficient use of energy related resources. Also, this plan will serve as a resource for municipalities interested in developing local comprehensive energy plans in order to receive “substantial deference” when applying for certificate of public good are being reviewed by the Public Service Board. For more information on municipal energy planning see the “Municipal Energy Planning” tab under “Energy”.

Regional Energy Committee:

The Regional Energy Committee is working to develop an Energy Plan for the Central Vermont Region that will be consistent with the Energy Planning Standards developed through Act 174.

The following links will provide more information on the activities  of the Regional Energy Committee.

Rules of Procedure

Committee Membership

Minutes & Agendas


State Resources:

Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan  2016 >> Prepared by the Vermont Public Service Department

Vermont Total Energy Study 2014 >> Prepared by the Vermont Public Service Department

Energy Planning Standards for Regional Plans 2016 >> Prepared for by the Vermont Public Service Department | The Central Vermont Regional Energy Plan will be reviewed for compliance by the Public Service Department using these standards. 

Regional Energy Standards – Abridged 2016 >> Prepared by the Vermont Public Service Department


Regional Resources:

CVRPC Regional Energy Committee Presentation 12.12.16 >> Prepared by the CVRPC | This presentation, an overview/introduction of the Regional Energy Planning Initiative, was given to the Regional Energy Committee at its first meeting on 12.12.16.


Regional Energy Potential & Constraint Maps:

The energy resource maps are outdated as of 12.01.16. New data which reflects the Department of Public Service’s finalized energy compliance standards will be available soon.


The Draft Known, Possible and Regional Constraint Maps have been finalized and are available for download and viewing below. 

DRAFT Energy Plan Known Constraints Map >> These constraints signal likely, though not absolute, unsuitability for development based on statewide or local regulation or designated critical resources.

DRAFT Energy Plan Possible Constraints Map >> These constraints signals conditions that would likely require mitigation, and which may prove a site unsuitable after site-specific study, based on statewide or regional/local policies that are currently adopted or in effect.

DRAFT Energy Plan Regional Constraints Map >>  These constraints signal likely, though not absolute, unsuitability for development based on statewide or local regulation or designated critical resources. This list of constraints includes those areas currently under review by CVRPC’s Energy Committee and Board of Commissioners for consideration as possible Regional Constraints. 


“Act 174 Portal” 2016 >> The Vermont Center for Geographic Information (VCGI) has created this portal with links to GIS shapefiles for all of the Known and Possible constraint layers referenced in the standards. | NOTE: Some of the layers are still under development and will become complete in the coming weeks.


LEAP Modeling:

Outputs and Methodology for CVRPC >> Prepared for the CVRPC by the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) | The Long Range Energy Alternative Planning System (LEAP) Model is an energy budgeting model that sets pathways for Vermont to achieve its goal of 90% renewable energy use by 2050.