Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission’s regional boundary matches perfectly to the upper portion of the Winooski River Basin.  It’s the Winooski River and its many tributaries that   CVRPC has been involved with assessment and planning.  CVRPC has been involved in stream geomorphic assessments across our Region utilizing the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources’ River Management Program Fluvial Geomorphic and Corridor Planning guidelines.  Our partners for this work include the Friends of the Winooski River, Winooski Natural Resource Conservation District, the River Management Program, and the municipalities of Central Vermont.

Winooski Basin Plan

The CVRPC has the opportunity to provide recommendations to the Agency of Natural Resources regarding tactical basin plans pursuant to Vermont Statutes Title 10, Chapter 47, §1253(d). To read the draft plan see: Draft Winooski Tactical Basin Plan.

Please also enjoy this interactive StoryMap about the Basin Plan.


For the more information on the Winooski Tactical Basin Planning Process, please see the attached.

White River Basin Plan

The White River Tactical Basin Plan draft was last updated on 10/1/2018 -  DRAFT 2018 White River Tactical Basin Plan – 10-01-2018


Stormwater Master Plans

Barre City Barre Town and Plainfield

Berlin Master Plan

Moretown Final River Corridor Plan

Moretown River Corridor Plan

Waterbury River Corridor Plan

Corridor Plan Executive Summary

River Corridor Plan no Appendix – PDF 33 MB

Corridor Plan Appendix  - PDF 16 MB

Plainfield River Corridor Plan

Plainfield, VT Great Brook River Corridor Plan - PDF 62 MB

Plainfield, VT Great Brook Landslide Report - PDF 17 MB

April Commission Meeting Presentations

Great Brook Geomorphic Assessment Presentation - PDF 8 MB

Great Brook Landslides Presentation - PDF 13 MB

On July 10, 2012 CVRPC had a demonstration of the river water flow dynamics.  The video of that demonstration is viewable below.