LEPC Transitioning to REMC

In July 2021, LEPCs, including LEPC #5 were consolidated into one statewide LEPC and replaced by Regional Emergency Management Committee (REMCs). REMCs will be stood up as all-hazards planning committees that are regionally organized and locally controlled. See more information about the Central Vermont REMC here.

**2021 Tier 2 Reporting**

Tier 2 reports were previously sent to LEPC#5. Following the consolidation of LEPCs into one statewide LEPC, please send 2021 Tier 2 reports to DPS.StatewideLEPC@vermont.gov. 

If you are interested in LEPC#5 minutes or agendas, please contact us.

 Resources for Tier II Reporting | Slide Deck from EPA Tier II Training 2020