Executive Committee

Meets: Monthly on Monday of week prior  to Commission meeting, 4:00 pm

Members:  3 officers and 4 at-large Commissioners


  • Act on  behalf of the Commission in absence of a Commission quorum
  • Approve budgets, contracts & audits
  • Add/eliminate staff and approve contractors
  • Amend Personnel Policies
  • Approve policy actions
  • Recommend positions to be taken
  • Approve Commission agendas

Project Review Committee

Meets: Monthly (as needed), 4:00 pm

Members:  5 Commissioners plus 1 alternate and the project’s host Commissioner


  • Determine Act 250/Section 248 project conformance with the Regional Plan

Regional Plan Committee

Meets:  Monthly, as needed

Members:  5 Commissioners


  • Develop and recommend updates to the Regional Plan

Municipal Plan Review Committee

Meets: As needed

Members:  5 Commissioners


  • Review municipal plans for conformance to statutory requirements
  • Recommend Regional Approvals

Transportation Advisory Committee

Meets: Monthly on 4th Tuesday, 6:30 pm

Members:  Appointed representatives from each member town


  • Recommend Transportation Planning Initiative work program & budget to Executive Committee
  • Recommend Regional Plan transportation element
  • Prioritize state-funded transportation projects
  • Prioritize transportation projects funded by the Commission’s TPI program

Clean Water Advisory Committee

Meets:  Monthly, as needed

Members:  3 Regional Commissioners and an alternate, 5 municipal representatives, the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District, the Friends of the Mad River, the Friends of the Winooski River, the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, and 1 stakeholder


  • Identify activities, policies, and direction for CVRPC’s clean water support
  • Determine CVRPC direction and goals regarding the Lake Champlain TMDL, Tactical Basin Plans, and the Regional Plan

Nominating Committee

Meets:  April/May, as needed

Members:  3 Commissioners


  • Nominate officers and at-large members of the Executive Committee
  • Nominate members for standing and special committees of the Board
  • Appoint CVRPC representatives to other organizations

Brownfields Advisory Committee

Meets: As needed – This Committee is currently not active

Members:  4 Commissioners plus 1 alternate, Central Vermont Economic Development Corporation, VT Department of Health, 5 representatives of housing, real estate, finance, at-risk populations, and the environment


  • Oversee CVRPC Brownfields Program
  • Prioritize sites for assessment funds
  • Participate in hiring contractors
  • Recommend brownfield-related policy
  • Participate in public engagement