2009 Municipal Planning Grants on Hold

Municipal Planning Grants – Hold

CVRPC has been notified by the Department of Housing and Community Affairs of the hold on municipal planning grants. Following is the message the Department sent:

“Due to the anticipated downgrades in state revenues, the Municipal Planning Grant Program has been put on hold. It is our hope that there will be adequate revenues to fund these important municipal planning projects, however, the uncertain economic future makes it prudent for us to wait until later in this fiscal year before we can make a decision to issue new grants.

If we are able to move ahead with these grants later on, we will notify municipalities 4-6 weeks in advance of any future application deadline. In the meantime, the MPG application training sessions that had been scheduled over the next month have been cancelled, but will be rescheduled if we are able to move ahead with this Program later in the year.

Please pass this information on to other members of your Municipal Planning Commission. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Planning Coordinators: Sue Minter (828-3119) or Faith Ingulsrud (828-5228).”

Let CVRPC know if you have any questions or there is anything we do to assist. Thanks.