UPDATE Home Energy Organizing Workshops

The Button-Up Home Energy organizing session for local officials and residents to put together a home energy savings workshop in your community, as mentioned in the blog 2 blogs below, is confirmed for THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2009 AT THE MEMORIAL ROOM OF CITY HALL, MONTPELIER, FROM 6 P.M. TO 8:30 P.M. Contact CVRPC for more information: email cvrpc@cvregion.com or phone 802/229-0389.

Home Weatherization DVD!

The Vermont Button Up program has prepared a 30 minute DVD illustrating basic home weatherization projects that a homeowner with basic handy “person” skills can do. It includes demonstrations on how to do basic air sealing, weatherize an attic hatch or pull down attic stairs or the bulkhead door for your cellar, and how to install interior storm window kits, among other sealing and weatherizing tips. The DVD has been provided to each town’s energy committee and library, but it can also be borrowed from CVRPC for your review or sharing at a local meeting. In addition, the weatherization workshops that were held last fall will be offered again in September. Once CVRPC has confirmed the date for the Central Vermont workshop (It’s looking like it will be September 30.), we will provide you with the information and it will also be blogged on our website at www.centralvtplanning.org. In the meantime, if you want to borrow the weatherization DVD, give us a call at 229-0389 or email cvrpc@cvregion.com.

Energy Workshops Coming in September 2009

Home Energy Saving Workshops Available for Vermont Communities

Central Vermont Community Action Council is seeking community groups and municipalities to partner in organizing local home energy saving workshops. Last year, community groups and other sponsors organized 100 home energy saving workshops statewide reaching over 2700 Vermonters. We hope to surpass these figures this year. These workshops are being conducted with the support of Efficiency Vermont and the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network and with funding from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

The workshops are designed to teach residents about the fundamentals of how homes lose energy, simple do-it-yourself measures for incremental energy savings, significant saving opportunities associated with extensive energy retrofits, and available technical and financial resources. We invite you to sign up today to help organize a Home Energy Savings Workshop in your community.

Button-Up Vermont will arrange for a trained energy auditor to come to your community at no-cost to deliver a prepared slide presentation and will provide you with educational and publicity materials. Participating community groups and municipalities have primary responsibility for organizing and coordinating the workshops within their communities, publicizing the program locally, and distributing educational materials at the workshop.

The two-hour workshop format includes the slide presentation, speakers on energy-related topics of local organizers’ choosing, and the showing of a 1/2 hour DVD on, “Simple Weatherization Measures to Button Up Your Home.” Workshops are scheduled to begin in late-September and run through the fall and into early winter.

In mid-late September, Button Up Vermont will organize a series of regional information sessions throughout the state to provide you with more information on how to organize a Button Up program in your community. We will let you know about the dates and locations of these sessions in early September.

If you are interested in helping to organize a Home Energy Saving Workshop in your community, please contact Diana Peduzzi, Assistant Coordinator at button-up@cvcac.org (802 279 1708), or Paul Markowitz, Coordinator at paul@markowitzvt.com (802 229 6307). We look forward to hearing from you.

FY 09 Municipal Planning Grants–report filing

Progress Reports are due for FY 2009 MPG–grants that were received in the fall of 2008.

Your FY09 Municipal Planning Grant is approaching the half-way point in the 18 month contract period. Please take some time over the next month to review the grant requirements and report on the progress of your grant project, including:

• Inform us if any substantial changes have been made to your work plan. (You may need approval for an amendment of your work plan if activities or products have changed. Review Attachment A of your grant agreement).

• Review the requirements in the grant agreement for financial record keeping, procurement and GIS documentation. (See page 2 of the Grant Administration Guide for assistance.)

Before September 21, 2009, please go online to the ACCD Grants Management System, https://development.grants.vermont.gov/, and submit the following documentation:

1. Progress Report.
2. Requisition Request – if progress is being made on the project, you may now request the second payment (30% of total grant).

Remember that only activities and products shown on your work plan are eligible for grant reimbursement. Any grant funds you have received that are not spent on eligible work by May 7, 2010 must be returned.

Please be sure to credit the Municipal Planning Grant Program on all grant products, as required in the grant agreement. Besides raising awareness about this important program, it can help secure funding for MPGs in the future.

Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you. Wendy Tudor 828-5249

Stimulus Projects in Washington County

Washington County has received over $50 million for stimulus/ARRA projects to date. The Excel table containing a list by county can be accessed at http://recovery.vermont.gov/sites/stimulus/files/1VT_Programs_by_Location.xls and includes program areas such as: education, trasnportation, clean water, arts, community facilities, health services, nutrition. public housing, and economic development. The list is by county and then by town and you can see what your town has received. You can also get additional information and updates on Vermont’s stimulus progarm at recovery.vermont.gov. Oh, if you haven’t heard already, Vermont has made the decision to NOT put up signs (at a cost of $1500 per sign) that the ARRA program recommends. Vermont believes that money is better spent on projects than it is on signs.

Flood Hazard Maps and Regs

WORKSHOP on Flood Hazard Regulations and DFIRM Maps, Washington County

Just a reminder that Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission has scheduled a workshop for Wednesday, September 16, 2009 for 2 p.m. and again at 7 p.m. at 29 Main Street, Montpelier. The workshop will cover the DFIRM maps (digitized flood maps) and any implications resulting from flood zone boundary changes. Discussion will also focus on the flood hazard area regulations that need to be updated to continue to meet the requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). We strongly encourage you to be sure several people from your community attend this workshop. The State’s River Management Program (Ned Swanberg, ned.swanberg@state.vt.us) is looking to review flood hazard area bylaws by March 2010; that’s not as far away as it sounds. If you have questions or want more details, please look for the flyer CVRPC will be mailing out shortly. In the meantime, you can contact Chris Walsh at CVRPC by emailing him at walsh@cvregion.com or calling 802/229-0389.

2009 Municipal Planning Grants on Hold

Municipal Planning Grants – Hold

CVRPC has been notified by the Department of Housing and Community Affairs of the hold on municipal planning grants. Following is the message the Department sent:

“Due to the anticipated downgrades in state revenues, the Municipal Planning Grant Program has been put on hold. It is our hope that there will be adequate revenues to fund these important municipal planning projects, however, the uncertain economic future makes it prudent for us to wait until later in this fiscal year before we can make a decision to issue new grants.

If we are able to move ahead with these grants later on, we will notify municipalities 4-6 weeks in advance of any future application deadline. In the meantime, the MPG application training sessions that had been scheduled over the next month have been cancelled, but will be rescheduled if we are able to move ahead with this Program later in the year.

Please pass this information on to other members of your Municipal Planning Commission. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Planning Coordinators: Sue Minter (828-3119) or Faith Ingulsrud (828-5228).”

Let CVRPC know if you have any questions or there is anything we do to assist. Thanks.

Brownfields Grant Workshops Announced

EPA New England is hosting three half-day meetings for New England entities interested in applying for EPA Brownfields Assessment, Cleanup, or Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) competitive grants. Representatives from EPA will go over the application guidelines and provide attendees with “tips and tricks” for submitting a successful application.

For more information, please send an e-mail to Region1brownfields@sra.com. New England Brownfields Grant Outreach Meetings

Hosted by: EPA New England

Attendees: New England towns, cities, and municipalities; planning and redevelopment organizations and other interested parties

Dates & Locations:

September 9, 2009
Rensselaer at Hartford
275 Windsor St. Hartford, CT 06120

September 10, 2009
Levi Lincoln Room and Esther Howland Chambers, Worcester City Hall
455 Main St., Worcester, MA

September 17, 2009
Sheraton Harborside
250 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

For additional information about brownfields or to recieved a copy of the workshop registration form contact CLare Rock, Regional Planner at clarerock@cvregion.com or call 802.229.0389.

Vermont Growers Guide

The Local Growers Guide is a joint project of the UVM Center for Rural Studies and the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District to raise awareness about local food sources, link customers to local products, and support Champlain Valley and central Vermont farms. The guide includes farmer-submitted information about their farms, their products, and where they sell. You can search the guide by town, product (organically grown, certified organic, or conventional), farm name, and sales outlet. The Local Growers Guide currently contains listings from Chittenden and Washington counties.
To view to the guide visit: http://www.vermontgrowersguide.com/

Low Impact Development (LID) Atlas and Map: Request for Submissions

Do you know of any Low Impact Development (LID) practices (rain gardens, cisterns, green roofs, permeable pavement, etc.) in your area? Please take a moment to read about this project and send the Winooski NRCD info about LID pratices in Central Vermont.

About the project:

The Winooski NRCD and UVM Extension Lake Champlain Sea Grant are working in partnership to create a Low Impact Development (LID) Atlas and Map, which will be part of the larger National LID Atlas (http://clear.uconn.edu/tools/lidmap/) created by the National Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO) Network. The Vermont LID Atlas & Map will raise awareness of LID projects as a solution to residential stormwater management, reinforce the link between LID projects and water quality, and provide residents with successful examples of local LID projects. For more information visit: http://www.vacd.org/winooski/winooski_LIDatlas.shtml

To include an LID practice in the Vermont LID Atlas & Map, fill out both sides of the pdf form – found at http://vacd.org/winooski/winooski_LIDatlas.shtml and mail your completed form to: Ashley Lidman, Winooski NRCD, 1193 S Brownell Rd., Suite 35, Williston, VT 05495 by September 1, 2009. You can also e-mail me info about each LID practice that you’d like included in the Atlas. Note: There are some glitches when you go to the LID Atlas Web site in Internet Explorer. Try to use Firefox, Safari, or another browser if you can.

For more informaiton contact:
Ashley Lidman
Assistant Manager
Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District
1193 South Brownell Road, Suite 35
Williston, VT 05495
Phone: 802-865-7895 Ext.104
Fax: 802-865-7947
E-mail: Ashley.Lidman@vt.nacdnet.net
~ Visit http://vacd.org/winooski/ to learn more about our urban conservation initiatives ~