DHCD Announces 2016 Edition of the Planning Manual

DHCD is pleased to announce that the 2016 edition of the Planning Manual is now available for download on the DHCD Planning Manual webpage.  This edition comprehensively overhauls the last one written in 1988, and is designed to help communities identify the issues that matter most and to help them focus on developing action-oriented strategies to tackle them.

The purpose of this manual is to provide a guide for municipal planning commissions in fulfilling their role and responsibilities as set forth in 24 V.S.A. Chapter 117, the Municipal and Regional Planning and Development Act. A major role of the municipal planning commission is to develop the municipal plan. The 2016 Planning Manual provides information that will help the planning commission with this complex task, from designing the planning program to adopting the plan.

The 2016 update includes two modules:

  • Module 1 is The Municipal Plan that includes new concepts on developing a shared community vision, more concise and user-friendly plans, and effective implementation strategies. It gives advice on how to work with existing plans and includes a section on the role of the municipal plan in state Act 250 land use permits and Section 248 proceedings for electric generation facilities.
  • Module 2 details all five of the  State Designation Programs (downtown, villages, etc.) and includes case studies that show how cities and towns have used the programs to implement their plans and achieve their goals.

For VT planning history resources, the following interesting historical documents are available through the publications webpage:

Vision and Choice: Vermont’s Future, The State Framework Plan (1968)
-Vermont Planning Council

Rural Vermont: A Program for the Future, (1931)
-Vermont Commission on Country Life.

Town Planning: A Program of Civic Preparedness for Vermont Communities (1919)
-K.R.B. Flint

Plainfield Plans to Replace Flood-Stricken Bridges

Check out this video highlighting the Plainfield Village Bridge Alternatives Study Report Recommendations. The study was funded with a grant from the Vermont Community Development Program, Community Development Block Grants with assistance from CVRPC in write and administer the grant on behalf of the Town of Plainfield.


Forest Stewardship Atlas

The Forest Stewardship Atlas was a joint project between RPCs and the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation and is an online map/atlas which provides access to a wide variety of forest data for across the state. Over 50 forestry-related data-sets are organized into six different themes: Productivity, Ecological Resources, Water Resources, Scenic and Recreational Resources, Human and Environmental Constraints and Stewardship.

The site allows you to view, identify and query the data-sets, print and export maps; and output summary reports for selected geographic areas and layers. Web accessible forest stewardship data will help landowners, towns and forest managers to inventory and assess forest resources in order to more effectively manage these resources.

Curious to learn more? Taylar Foster from Lamoille County Planning Commission presented the atlas on WCAX News on January 12th.

Check out the atlas here: http://anrmaps.vermont.gov/websites/ForestStewardship/

US 302 Bicycle and Pedestrian Scoping Study

As part of the 2015 US 302-Berlin bicycle pedestrian scoping study, an alternative will provide bicycle lanes along the entire project area, from the Wayside diner to Ames plaza. It will include reconfiguring the portion of US 302 that currently has 5 travel lanes to have 3 travel lanes: one in each direction, and a center left turn lane. This type of treatment is often called a “Road Diet”, and will provide ample room for buffered bicycle lanes. The bicycle lanes will be separated from the travel lanes with a painted buffer, which could be upgrade to a physical or landscape buffer in the future. VTrans will conduct a two month trial this summer, as part of a paving project. If successful, the new lane configuration will be included in the final pavement layer.


Check out the video about the road diet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kS7zEg_Y8kI

Job Announcement


Finance and Office Manager


The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRPC) is seeking a Finance and Office Manager to complement our team of professional staff.  The individual performs administrative, financial, and business management work at a professional level to insure the organization’s financial health and smooth operations.  This position requires an attention to detail, the skills of a diplomat, the ability to respond quickly to changing workloads, and working independently.

Candidates must have good interpersonal skills, a degree in accounting or related discipline and three to five years in a similar position.  Relevant knowledge of federal grants management and contract administration is highly desirable

Job description available at https://centralvtplanning.org/news/job-postings/.  To apply, submit a cover letter, resume, salary expectations, and three references to Waninger@cvregion.com.  Position open until filled; desired start date is March 2, 2016.  CVRPC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.