Dry Hydrant Program Funds

VT’s Rural Fire Protection grant program is looking for applicants for funds to install new dry hydrants. Eligible projects also include repair, upgrade, replacement and relocation. The first application deadline is April 1, but the other deadlines are: June 1 and August 1, 2015. Go to www.vacd.org/rfp to download the application materials. For questions, contact Troy Dare, Program Manager, at dryhydrantguy@yahoo.com or call 828-4582.

Regional Planner opening


 The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRPC) is seeking a Regional Planner to complement our team of professional staff. The Regional Planner will work with other staff and municipalities on projects including municipal plans and bylaws, updating the Regional Plan, housing studies, natural resource programs, and Act 250 and Section 248 review. Candidates must be able to speak in public, attend evening meetings, read and write well, have good interpersonal skills, pay attention to detail, and have a solid work ethic. Candidates must also have a Masters degree in planning or related field, have a minimum of three years experience, be proficient in Microsoft Office, and have the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Familiarity with VSA Title 24 Chapter 117, Act 250 and GIS skills are considered assets.

Information about CVRPC and its member towns can be found at www.centralvtplanning.org. Starting salary is dependent on experience; excellent benefit package and outstanding work environment. Persons interested in applying for the position should submit a cover letter, resume, and three references to emery@cvregion.com.  Resumes will be kept confidential.  The application deadline is April 17, 2015.

CVRPC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Future Land Use: CVRPC needs your feedback! 


Excerpt from Central Vermont’s Draft Future Land Use map. Click image for more info.

What: Staff have developed a draft Future Land Use element, and CVRPC is now collecting comments and feedback.  For a full understanding of the draft Future Land Use element, the following materials will be helpful:


  • Text of the draft Future Land Use element additions, available here, that includes more detailed planning area descriptions and accompanying policies and strategies.
  • Explanation of how staff designated draft future land uses, available here.
  • Future Land Use map, which delineates Future Land Use planning areas
    (above link will present various viewing options)


When:  An initial round of comments will be collected until April 8, though comments are still able to be received after that date.  Public hearings on CVRPC’s Regional Plan update will take place on May 12 and June 9, 2015.


How: To view the map and offer comments, you have several options.


  1. View the map at a regional scale.
  2. View the map in the Community Input Map tool to allow for detailed viewing of the map and location-based comments.  Viewers can zoom into sections of the map at a high resolution and leave comments or questions on specific locations.  To do so, click “add a comment” and follow the instructions.  Points representing Hamlets and Resort Centers are not available within this map viewer, but delineated boundaries of all other proposed planning areas are available.
  3. View the map at a local scale with parcel boundaries and local roads visible.


Input can be received by staff via email, phone (802-229-0389) or via the Community Input Map tool.


Why: According to State Statute, all Regional Plans must include a “land use element, which shall consist of a map and statement of present and prospective land uses” (24 V.S.A. § 4348). The map identifies general planning areas that will be used to guide land use and development in the Central Vermont Region over the next eight year regional planning cycle.  As per our ACCD contract requirements, CVRPC is currently updating the Land Use element of the 2008 Regional Plan to address this specific statutory requirement by June 30, 2015.  The full Plan update will be adopted in 2016.


All materials are still in draft form, and do not currently represent the final version of the Future Land Use element.

Registration is now open for the 2015 Town Officers Education Conferences

Registration is open for the 70th Annual Town Officers’ Education Conferences, sponsored by UVM Extension and the Vt. Institute for Government with assistance from a number of partner organizations.

The 2015 sessions will be held on the following dates:

Conference brochure and online registration are now available.

Contact Pam Lowell at 802-773-3349 or 1-800-281-6977 x272 (toll-free in Vt.) for more information.

To request a disability-related accommodation to participate in this program, please contact Pam Lowell at (802) 773-3349 or 1-800-281-6977 by March 18, 2015 so we may assist you.

National Flood Insurance Program Changes to Begin April 1, VLCT Reports

In the new March issue of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns’ newsletter,  Milly Archer has prepared an update on changes to flood insurance rates.  The Floodwaters of Reform: National Flood Insurance Program Changes to Begin April 1

By and large the premiums for older “Pre-FIRM” buildings will continue to rise until they are at full cost for their flood risk.   VLCT also notes that it will be important for policy holders to confirm if the structure is a primary residence.  Read the report >>