Access Management

To: Town Staff & Representatives
From: Steve Gladczuk, Senior Transportation Planner
Date: 4/29/09
Re: Access Management

VTrans has developed a Access Management Outreach Program to educate town officials, developers, businesses, and the general public on the benefits of Access Management. These benefits include improving safety, preserving highway capacity, and integrating land use adjacent to State and Class 1 Highways.

As part of this program, a number of educational materials were developed. This includes an Access Management Resource Book, which contains national materials, Vermont case studies, Vermont’s best practices, sample regulations, the VTrans Policy & Permitting Process, and other references. An interactive slide show was created that can be tailored in content and length to address the needs of a particular audience. The slideshow can explain some of the principals of Access Management, illustrate good and bad examples, explain the benefits, and identify VTrans Policy Guidelines. The length can be a brief 20 minute overview, to a 2 hour workshop with hands on exercises, or something in between. A copy of the Resource Book will be provided to each town. In addition, a website was created as a resource to all of these materials –

CVRPC would like to present or distribute these materials to your City/Town or Organization. Please contact staff if you would like more information or to schedule a presentation.