Broadband Survey – please participate!

Hello and thank you for agreeing to share your thoughts about broadband access in Central Vermont. Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission and a group of volunteers representing a wide range of business sectors are working to develop a regional technology plan.

For the purposes of this survey, we are interested in how broadband is currently used in your profession AND how universal broadband in Vermont could enhance your professional, personal and community life. The survey responses will be used to help inform a strategic plan that identifies needs and opportunities related to new technologies, provide strategies to drive adoption of broadband, identifies key partnerships that will benefit from coordinated use of information technology (such as gov’t services, education, health care, business, etc.) and encourages innovation among those key partnerships.

Broadband is the term used to describe high speed iternet Access. To learn more about broadband in your area, please go to

Please click here to take the survey. Thank you!