Button Up Day of Action is Coming – November 12th

Button Up Vermont of Action is coming on November 12th and we are hoping you will participate.  Button Up Vermont is a multi-media awareness campaign culminating in a statewide day of action where neighbors help neighbors prepare their homes for winter, and save energy. Throughout the campaign, Vermonters are encouraged to do things large and small to save energy and live more sustainably. Specifically, they are encouraged to generate custom Button Up check-lists online, complete their energy-saving tasks throughout the campaign, send photos of completed tasks or check-lists, and participate in a community event on November 12. We’re also alerting retail partners and inviting them to participate by stocking weatherization products, lighting, and other efficient products.

How can Efficiency Vermont support you?

Efficiency Vermont is prepared to support your efforts in a number of ways. First, we have a number of educational materials and resources available for you to complement your Button Up efforts. We can provide hard copies of Button Up checklists,  Button Up poster, and Button Up business cards.   We have also developed a Guide to Community Energy Engagement Activities that includes step-by-step guides for how to organize the following: home energy parties, phone-a-thons, workshops, home energy visits, door-to-door campaigns, and partnerships with contractors.

What is your role?

As community partners we need your help in spreading the word and engaging your neighbors.   We are seeking your help in engaging residents in your community – whether it is through setting up a table at Election Day or holding a Button Up workshop or one of the other myriad of ways that you have selected to do so.   At a minimum, we are asking town energy committees and other local energy groups to:

  • Visit the Button Up Vermont website and post your event. Please ask your neighbors to visit the site as well to build a Button Up checklist, complete a task, and submit a photo—and be entered into a raffle to win prizes.
  • Visit the Button Up Facebook page. Like and share it; say you’re going to attend the event on Facebook; and invite friends to like the page and attend the event on Facebook.
  • Community Energy Dashboard: After you have built your check-list, completed the tasks, and submitted a photo on the Button Up website, add your action to the Community Energy Dashboard.

Statewide partners include: Efficiency Vermont, Capstone Community Action, Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network, Energy Action Network, Green Mountain Power, and Burlington Electric, and Vermont Energy Education Program.   If you have questions or are interested in support from Efficiency Vermont around Button Up Vermont, please contact Kathleen Brown at kbrown@veic.org  (888 921 5990 x7740).