Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission to Assist State Tactical Basin Planning


December 17, 2020

CONTACT:        Pamela DeAndrea, Central Vermont RPC

deandrea@cvregion.com, Office: (802) 229-0389


Montpelier, VT – The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRPC) is pleased to announce expanded outreach and services to municipalities and the public to enhance water quality and tactical basin planning efforts for the Lamoille River (Basin 7).  “As Watershed Planners, we value the role regional planning commissions play given their strong ties to the municipalities. This collaboration makes our plans stronger and more tailored to the communities the plans are written to serve,” said Danielle Owczarski of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The work is supported through a grant provided by the DEC. Activities began this fall and will continue through July 2021.

Tactical Basin Plans help identify and focus efforts needed to protect or restore specific watersheds through the state. Danielle Owczarski, Watershed Planner, is leading the update of the Basin 7 Tactical Basin Plan (TBP) for the DEC. CVRPC staff will assist the Watershed Planner by facilitating enhanced municipal and public input during the drafting process so that the TBP accurately reflects local concerns and priorities. Basin Plans act as an umbrella for planning initiatives, including Stormwater Master Planning and River Corridor Planning, to strategically address regional watershed priorities.  A formal draft of the TBP is anticipated to be released in the fall of 2021. For more information on the Tactical Basin Planning process, please visit this story map.

The CVRPC will work with its member municipalities to encourage efforts to improve water quality. These may include recommendations for zoning bylaw protections (such as river corridor protections), assistance with securing funding for project development and implementation, or helping towns comply with the recently released DEC General Permit 3-9050, aka the “developed lands” permit.
The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission assists its member municipalities to provide effective local government and work cooperatively to address regional issues. The Commission also works with area non-profits, other regional organizations, State and Federal agencies, and the public to implement projects and programs tailored to Central Vermont and statewide needs. For more information on CVRPC, please visit www.centralvtplanning.org.