Department of Public Service Expands Arrearage Assistance to Municipal Water and Sewer/Wastewater Departments, Community Water Systems, Fire Districts

Effective November 12, 2020, the VT COVID-19 Arrearage Assistance Program (VCAAP) is now providing assistance with past-due bills from an expanded list of water and wastewater (sewer) utilities. In addition to helping out with past-due electric, landline telephone, private water company, and Vermont Gas bills, consumers can now also apply to VCAAP for assistance with their delinquent water and sewer/wastewater charges. The expanded list of utility bills that VCAAP can help with now includes municipal water and sewer/wastewater departments, community water systems, fire districts, and other systems that provide water and sewer/wastewater services to consumers.

As with other regulated utility charges, those eligible for funding under the VCAAP must be at least 60 days in arrears. Consumers will also need to attest to financial hardship due to COVID-related loss of income. Consumers will not need to upload a water and sewer/wastewater bill with the application. Applications are open through December 15, 2020. For more information and to apply, please visit the Department’s Vermont COVID-19 Arrearage Assistance Program webpage.