DFIRM maps June 15, 2009!

It appears that we are now back on track for a Revised Preliminary Washington County Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM). FEMA is now anticipating a release of the maps on 6/15/09, followed by Community Coordination Meetings on Tuesday 6/30/09.

The Revised Preliminary DFIRM will incorporate three key changes:

Stevens Branch in Barre Town, Barre City, and Berlin, will be redelineated using improved hydrology (HEC-2).

The Winooski River downstream from the Middlesex Dam in Middlesex, Moretown, Duxbury, and Waterbury, will be redelineated using new hydraulics and topography from LiDAR.

Selected Approximate A Zone boundaries in Calais, Marshfield, Cabot, and East Montpelier will be adjusted to align better with available topographic data.

After a final review by the communities we anticipate a Letter of Final Determination on 1/22/09, and an effective date of 7/22/2010.

Communities in Washington County should plan on a process of updating local bylaws by the end of March 2010. Currently two communities in the county have bylaws, recognized by FEMA, that meet or exceed the standards of the National Flood Insurance Program – East Montpelier and Moretown.

All NFIP communities in Washington County will receive updated information and meeting dates from FEMA.

For additional information, contact CVRPC staff or Ned Swanberg,Flood Plain Management – River Management Program, VT Department of Environmental Conservation, 802.241.4596 or ned.swanberg@state.vt.us.