Energy Grant Signed; Municipal Bldg Audits coming soon

Department of Energy ARRA grant: CVRPC today signed the agreement with the Department of Energy for the ARRA stimulus funding for municipal building audits. CVRPC will now prepare a RFP for energy audit firms and will keep the municipalities informed of the status. We anticipate that the selected firm(s) will contact municipal officials directly to arrange for energy audits of your municipal (not school) buildings, but we will let you know the process as soon as it is finalized. We will continue to keep you posted through staff reports and on our blog at

Staff will soon be mailing a project description and sign up form for municipalities to provide to us for participation in the municipal building energy audits to be known as the Central Vermont Energy Program. Please keep your eyes peeled for this forthcoming email and attachments. If you have questions, contact Laurie Emery or Clare Rock at 229-0389. Thanks!