FEMA flood declaration — Washington and Orange Counties

Attention Local Officials:  The FEMA form that needs to be completed and provided to VEM for the new declaration just announced today regarding Washington and Orange Counties for the May flood damages is available by contacting CVRPC.  cvrpc@cvregion.com will get you to Laurie Emery and the form can be emailed back to you. The town clerks of the municipalities in Washington and Orange have already been provided with the form.   If  town officials need assistance with the form, or anything else related to emergency management, please contact CVRPC’s emergency management planner, Paul Luciano, at 802/881-1654 or via email at pluciano@ccrpcvt.org  . CVRPC staff is also available to assist or answer questions at cvrpc@cvregion.com  or our individual email addresses.

The FEMA form can be faxed to the VT Agency of Transportation at 802/828-2848 or FEMA JFO at 802/951-2646. If these numbers change for any reason, we will let you know, but at the moment they are the numbers we’ve been provided. You can also contact Ross Nagy at VT Emergency Management to verify where the forms should go. Ross can be reached via email at rnagy@dps.state.vt.us. Let us know how we can assist!