FEMA Flood Estimator Workshops

FEMA will be hosting a series of one-day Substantial Damage Estimator software workshops at the Joint Field Office in Burlington. The software is a tool designed to assist communities in determining whether or not structures have been Substantially Damaged and whether structures need to be brought into compliance with local/NFIP minimum standards.

Workshops are scheduled to be held August 2, 3, and 4 (Depending on the level of interest). Please send me an email indicating your interest, which date you prefer, and whether a late/day-evening workshop is preferable. If interest exceeds classroom space, priority will be given to local officials in the communities that experienced the most extensive damage to residential/commercial structures.

A more formal invite/schedule will be sent, but we are trying to gage interest from local officials at this point,

Best Regards,

Rob Evans, CFM
Floodplain Management Grp Supv.
128 Lakeside Avenue
Burlington, VT 05401
571.449.1641 (mobile)