Flood Hazard Maps and Regs

It is still not known yet when the Washington County D-FIRM maps will be ready and by what date towns will have to update their flood hazard regs. However, it’s looking like next spring will be the earliest for the regs to be updated. It’s best not to wait too long, though, because as we know time has a habit of flying by. I want to draw your attention to the Vermont River Management’s web site and the 4 options of flood hazard regulations that a town can choose, although the first one is not recommended by the Department. Scroll down toward the end of this web site page www.vtwaterquality.org/rivers/htm/rv_floodhazard.htm and find the section on flood hazard regs. While you’re scrolling, however, check out some of the fine material that is available on the site and from River Management that might be helpful in making decisions about flood hazard regulations and erosion control. If for some reason, the lengthy web site address doesn’t get you to the right place, then go to www.vtwaterquality.org, click on river management, and then flood hazard, and then scroll aways. Remember, too, to ask CVRPC for assistance.