Forest Stewardship Atlas

The Forest Stewardship Atlas was a joint project between RPCs and the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation and is an online map/atlas which provides access to a wide variety of forest data for across the state. Over 50 forestry-related data-sets are organized into six different themes: Productivity, Ecological Resources, Water Resources, Scenic and Recreational Resources, Human and Environmental Constraints and Stewardship.

The site allows you to view, identify and query the data-sets, print and export maps; and output summary reports for selected geographic areas and layers. Web accessible forest stewardship data will help landowners, towns and forest managers to inventory and assess forest resources in order to more effectively manage these resources.

Curious to learn more? Taylar Foster from Lamoille County Planning Commission presented the atlas on WCAX News on January 12th.…/new-atlas-shows-different-perspective…

Check out the atlas here: