Free Yestermorrow Summer Lecture Series 7/11 – Long-Term Resilient and Regenerative Flood Responses

For more information click here. All lectures are free,  open to the public, and held at Yestermorrow’s Waitsfield campus. Talks start at 7:00 pm. Can’t make it to Waitsfield? You can live stream the lecture by clicking .

Tropical Storm Irene caused tremendous damage to property and lands throughout Vermont. The immediate response was heartfelt and inspiring, but likely fell short of expectations for both human and natural systems in the long term. We will use the lens of water, watershed, and infrastructure to explore what could have enabled communities to hold on to — and continue to develop — the community cohesion and support that arose in an effort to establish resilient and regenerative systems and infrastructures for the future? What might those infrastructures look like? And how can this work prove useful beyond the affected areas?

Pete Muñoz, PE, LEED AP, is co-founder of SEEDS, a non-profit research, design and educational institute. He directs SEEDS’ Ecological Design Collaborative, which designs and builds systems that reconnect communities with their infrastructure, with a focus on natural water and wastewater treatment and reuse systems.

Joel Glanzberg has broad experience in environmental design and ecological restoration projects. He has also worked extensively in the field of regenerative agriculture, and as a consultant on watershed restoration projects, where he has helped to design and implement programs for restoration as well as public education and engagement.