Front Porch Forum now available in all Vermont towns!


Below is a letter from Michael Wood-Lewis, co-founder of Front Porch Forum:

Hi. Front Porch Forum offers an easy way for neighbors to connect…and now it’s available in every Vermont town. It’s free. It’s local. And it’s friendly. Check it out at

More than 75,000 households across Vermont already use their local FPFs to find roofers, loan ladders, warn about break-ins, sell cars, rally volunteers for pie suppers, draw crowds to farmers’ markets, and share bear and moose sightings. Common topics also include road conditions, lost pets, public meetings, and a wide variety of local events. And in times of need, such as during natural disasters, your local FPF becomes especially powerful.

My wife and I started Front Porch Forum in 2006 in our Burlington neighborhood. It expanded steadily, and now we’re happy to announce that local forums are available in every Vermont town.

We’re excited to bring FPF to every corner of the state, but we can’t reach everyone to tell them. Please help spread the word by forwarding this message to your Vermont friends, colleagues, and family. People typically need to hear about FPF several times before they successfully register, so don’t be shy! Send them to:

Also, your FPF will be more useful and robust when many people submit postings. So please add your two cents to your local FPF. Just sign up, log in, and click Submit Posting.

Thank you, and watch out for those spring potholes! — Michael

Michael Wood-Lewis, co-founder