Municipal and Regional Planning Appropriations

Two of the recommendations from the Administration on budget cuts for FY 2009 include municipal and regional planning. The Municipal Planning Grants are being considered for a 50% cut, about $409,000, and the 11 regional planning commissions, who have already received a 5% cut that is in effect, may see an additional 8% cut. These are not yet approved or effective, but if they are approved, they will be effective immediately. Those municipalities who applied for a Municipal Planning Grant this past October will not see award notices until after the budget cuts are finalized. It is also unknown whether all the applications will be funded at less than the requests or if only some will be funded at less and some others not funded at all. These are decisions that the Department of Housing and Community Affairs will have to make once they know the final dollar amount available for funding.

CVRPC has absorbed the initial 5% cut by not hiring an intern for GIS and fluvial erosion hazard work and not replacing equipment that was due to be replaced. We will work hard to eek out another year from our GIS plotter, for example. The additional 8% cut, if it becomes reality, is another matter that the Regional Commission, like the other 10 RPC’s, will have to review and consider ways to absorb. There are things in CVRPC’s budget that can be tweeked, and we are hoping that the impact will not be overwhelming.

Look for updates on our Blog as news comes down the pike. No matter what, enjoy the Holidays!