Municipal Planning Grants awarded to Three Central Vermont Communities

FY 2014 Municipal Planning Grant awards have been announced and three Central Vermont municipalities will be recipients.  The Municipal Planning Grant (MPG) program encourages and supports planning and revitalization for local municipalities in Vermont. Awarded annually and administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development, the MPG program works to strengthen Vermont by funding local planning initiatives that support statewide planning goals.  Congratulations to the City of Barre and the Towns of East Montpelier and Waitsfield – more details below.

City of Barre–Comprehensive Energy Plan
State Funds Awarded: $10,667 Local Match: $1,333 Total Project Cost: $12,000
The City of Barre will create an inventory and conduct an analysis of energy resources, needs, and uses within Barre City while engaging residents in developing a plan and policies to meet the City’s energy goals.

Town of East Montpelier–Zoning and Subdivision Bylaw Update
State Funds Awarded: $3,911 (No Local Match)
The Town of East Montpelier will draft regulations to address fluvial erosion hazard areas and river corridor encroachment and will engage residents in the process.

Town of Waitsfield–Infrastructure Planning
State Funds Awarded: $18,600 Local Match: $5,300 Total Project Cost: $23,900
The Town of Waitsfield will organize landowner associations for the construction and management of privately owned, shared, wastewater treatment projects in Waitsfield’s growth area.