New ‘Clean Water’ Website

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation Watershed Management Division has launched a new website, Clean Water Vermont, with helpful fact sheets, presentations, and frequently asked questions. The new Vermont Clean Water Initiative – Clean Water Vermont — reflects an exciting and growing collaboration among municipalities, State agencies, local and regional partners, farmers, businesses, and the public to take action that will safeguard the public’s access to clean and safe water throughout the State. It includes the following elements:

— Installing smart practices on farms;

— Reducing polluted runoff from developed lands, including highways and roads;

— Using our “natural infrastructure” – river corridors, floodplains, wetlands and forests– to reduce storm water pollution and erosion and build resilience; and

— Supporting municipalities and farmers in meeting our clean water goals.

As part of the new Clean Water Initiative, the Clean Water Fund will allocate money to projects around the State with a specific focus on water quality.