Pre Disaster Mitigation Update

The following Central Vermont towns are in the process of completing their local Pre Disaster Mitigation Plans: Middlesex, Williamstown and Warren. Pre Disaster Mitigation Plans identify hazards and outline strategies to minimize their impacts. Once Plans are approved by FEMA and adopted locally, towns are eligible to apply for funding to assist with mitigation projects.

This year the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission will be updating the Central Vermont Regional Pre Disaster Mitigation Plan. The process will entail reviewing past occurrences, analyzing their impacts, incorporating local information and recommending mitigation strategies. The Plan will also include a list of possible funding sources for recommending mitigation projects.

Pre Disaster Mitigation (PDM) Plans should be updated at least every 5 years. A handful of towns in our region adopted local PDM plans (otherwise referred to a an Annex) as early as 2004. The Regional Planning Commission will be working with towns to update local plans.

Does your town have a PDM Plan? Are you interested in adjacent towns identified hazards? Contact Clare Rock at or call 229.0389.