Public Transit Regional Forums & Survey

Do you ride the bus?  Carpool?  Uber?  We want your input!  VTrans is updating the Vermont Public Transit Policy Plan (PTPP).  The PTPP will quantify Vermont’s transit needs, as well as recommend programmatic and policy initiatives to strengthen the statewide transit system- outlining a 10-year vision for transit service in Vermont.  How will this impact the rider?  The PTPP will identify  funding priorities for future years. Statewide public transportation funding priorities can impact funding and resources available to your local transit services — which can impact frequency of service, days of service, and location of service.   VTrans will be holding regional forums throughout the state this fall to gather input on existing services, service gaps and challenges, and potential solutions from stakeholders and transit riders.   Mark your calendar for Wednesday, November 28th @ 2:00 pm at the Waterbury Town Office, Steele Room, 28 No. Main St., Waterbury, VT.  (Public Transit Flyer)  The State of Vermont views public transportation as “an important matter of State concern, essential to the economic growth of the State and to the public health, safety, and welfare and present and future generations of Vermonters.” Come share your experiences and help us shape the future of public transportation in your region.  Questions?  Find out more on the project webpage: