Traffic Counters

Are you wondering how many pedestrians are using the sidewalk, or bike path?  How fast the cars are going by?  What kind of trucks or just how many vehicles are traveling this road?  These questions can be answered by requesting staff to conduct a traffic count study.  CVRPC has two bike/pedestrian counters, and four automatic road counters that can be programmed to measure vehicle speeds, classify vehicle types, measure the gap between vehicles, or gather direction & volume data.

Towns have used this data to quantify a speeding problem, setting speed limits, and to schedule enforcement patrols.  The classification data has been used to determine compliance of a commercial vehicle ban.  Volume counts are used by many towns to plan road and sidewalk improvements.

Typically the counters are set up for a week, aggregating the count data in 15 minute or 1 hour intervals.  This can be adjusted to meet special needs.  After a count is completed, a summary or a detailed report is provided to the town.

If you need information on a state highway, VTrans regularly conducts traffic counts.  This data is posted at the following web address:

If you can’t find the traffic data you need, CVRPC will do the count study.    For more information on traffic data or to request a traffic count, contact Dan Currier or Steve Gladczuk.

Traffic Counts