Trail Initiative Underway

Approximately 6 months ago the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission and the Montpelier Conservation Commission co-hosted a regional trails meeting to discuss the possibilities of creating a regional trail map. We had approximately 30 folks attend and voice support. This spring the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission partnered with Local Motion to undertake the creation of the Central Vermont “Trail Finder.”

In a nutshell, the Trail Finder will be a one-stop trail and bikeway website resource for residents and visitors. It will bring together all hiking, biking, walking, snow-shoeing, and cross-country skiing opportunities into one, easy to search database that will detail trail length, permitted uses, directions, amenities and more. Each trail will have a downloadable and printable map.

What are the benefits to trail groups and municipalities?
Data Collection: We will train local volunteers to collect GPS points and other data for all of your town trails
An Additional Planning Resource: The GPS data will be entered into the Regional Planning Commissions’ GIS planning tools for the region’s and your town’s ongoing planning needs
Accurate, Accessible Town Trail Information: Free information on town trails will be provided to the general public without cost to you (this will save municipalities the cost of printing maps for town trails).
Local Administrative Ability to Update/Change Trail information: Identified and authorized municipal official and/or local trail managers will have the ability to update on-line trail information to reflect changing conditions (such as seasonal trail closures/re-routes and access information.)

What do we need from trail groups and municipalities?
No financial assistance – we have secured grants for the project’s development.
A point person within the town administration or trail organization for Trail Finder related communication
Volunteers to GPS trails and provide trail descriptions and photos
A willingness to fact check the collected data and review the downloadable maps

Next Steps?
This autumn we will be hosting an information and GPS training session to coordinate local volunteers to gather trail data. We will provide an overview of the project and describe how we can work together to make the Central Vermont Trail Finder a success.

We understand trail groups and Towns have a high standard for accuracy and will require that all the regulations, permissible uses and disclaimers be included with all maps. Local Motion and the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission will dedicate sufficient resources to develop an accurate, professional product that all stakeholders will value.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Trail Finder, please don’t hesitate to contact Steve Gladczuk, CVRPC Transportation Planner or Clare Rock, Regional Planner at 802.229.0389 or via email at the following email addresses: