Transportation Priorities

The CVRPC Transportation Advisory Committee has approved the Regions top transportation project priorities. The criteria for setting these priorities is based on land use and transportation characteristics. Below, I have identified our top two or three priorities from each category. Generally projects in our cities, villages, and major highways rise to the top. For State Bridges our priority is US 2 between Moretown & Middlesex, and the US 2 “Carpet Barn Bridge” in East Montpelier. For Town Bridges they were Prospect St. in Barre City, and Taylor St. in Montpelier. All four bridges should start construction this year.

For Paving, our priorities are US 2 and US 302 in Montpelier, which will start construction this year. The top Roadway projects are Main St. reconstruction in Barre City and Waterbury. For Safety & Traffic Operations the priorities are the US 2/VT 14 intersection in East Montpelier Village, VT 14/Bridge St. intersection in South Barre Village. The East Montpelier project should start construction next year.

We have only one Park & Ride Project in East Montpelier Village. The top Bicycle & Pedestrian projects are sidewalks on VT 14 in Williamstown Village & VT 100 between Irasville & Waitsfield Village, and a bike path between Montpelier & Berlin. Both sidewalk projects should start construction next year. We feel our priorities matched well with VTrans, because many of our top projects are near construction. To see the full list go to: