VT Urban & Community Forestry Program Announces $40,000 in Communities Caring for Tree Canopy Grants

Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation’s Urban & Community Forestry Program (VTUCF), in partnership with the University of Vermont Extension, is pleased to announce $40,000 in grants to support urban and community forestry programs at the local level. These grants should be considered seed money to help communities care for tree canopy by taking the necessary actions to developing and sustaining a community-wide tree program. These grants allow for multiple program components (e.g., tree planting, tree inventory, tree maintenance, plan development, public outreach, and program development) to be merged into one grant application for ease and flexibility. Two grant options are available: a) the Caring for Canopy and b) the Canopy Mini:

Caring for Canopy
The Caring for Canopy grant category is for projects focused on helping a community move their tree management program forward towards a sustained level. This could include: street and park tree inventories; canopy assessments; management, protection and streetscape plan development; public policy development, training opportunities, tree planting, and tree maintenance. Grants range from $500–$5000 and require a 50–50 match (total project cost range is $1,000–$10,000).

Canopy Mini
The Canopy Mini grant category is for smaller projects that a community wants to accomplish. This could include: Arbor Day activities, tree purchase, in-house training, promotional material, equipment, or reference material. Grants are up to $500 and require a 50–50 match (maximum total project cost is $1,000).

Grants are due April 11, 2014.

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