Electric Vehicle Charging Station Grants

The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) in partnership with the Agency of Natural resources has announced a third round of approximately $44,000 in Electric Vehicle Charging Station Grants for Designated Downtowns and Village Centers.  They are pleased to extend this funding opportunity to include designated village centers previously only available to designated downtowns.

Grant applications are due October 31, 2015.  See the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Grant Application for eligibility, funding and application requirements.  Any municipality with a Designated Downtown or Designated Village Center may apply for funding and must be submitted by the municipality.  The maximum grant amount is $25,000 with a 25% match requirement that can be cash or in-kind.

Priority consideration will be given to high priority areas that do not currently have an existing or planned Electric Vehicle Charging Station in the designated downtown or village center and/or the geographic location is close to major highways/roads.  You can find locations for the existing electric vehicle charging stations in Vermont by following this link.


Interested applicants are asked to contact DHCD even if you are not in a position to apply this year.  Understanding the level of interest from communities will helps in planning for the future of electric vehicle charging station grants.

The electric vehicle charging station grant is a great funding opportunity to expand the network of charging stations statewide and DHDC looks forward to working with you.  Please contact Gary Holloway, the Downtown Program Coordinator at 802-828-3220 if you have questions or need assistance with the grant application.