The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRPC) is developing a Regional Energy Plan to advance the State’s Comprehensive Energy Plan’s climate and energy goals while also being consistent with municipal and regional land use plans. To this end, the CVRPC will be working with its member municipalities to identify techniques to achieve the State’s energy goals including the siting of renewable resources, coordinating transportation with land use planning, and protecting locally significant resources from adverse impacts of renewable energy development.

The Regional Energy Plan will also help to implement the recent legislation (Act 174) to improve the siting of renewable energy projects by giving towns and regions a greater voice in the Section 248 process.

DRAFT Energy Plan available for review!  Please see memo and draft plan below

Regional Energy Plan Draft v.3 – Transmittal Memo – 06.19.2017

Regional Energy Plan – Draft v.3 – 06.19.2017


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