Corridor Planning

The corridor planning process involves the integration of fluvial geomorphic assessment data and the goals and objectives of the State and local community to formulate scientifically sound and ecologically beneficial river restoration and conservation projects that will improve water quality and the community’s relationship with the river. Phase 1 Geomorphic Assessments are conducted on a watershed scale using maps, aerial photos, and observations of the river from roads and bridges. This phase identifies river reaches where further study is warranted. Phase 2 assessments are based on data collected in the river and analyses of these data using the principles of fluvial geomorphology. The corridor plan uses the results of the phase 1 and phase 2 assessments to identify potential restoration projects.

Our Region has the following River corridor plans available

Winooski – Montpelier to Plainfield

Winooski – Cabot

Stevens Branch

North Branch Winooski

Mad River

Little River

Kingsbury Branch

Kingsbury Branch – Pekin Brook

Dog River