Food Systems Councils

The Central Vermont Region is home to three active Food Systems Councils that meet on a regular basis: The Waterbury/Duxbury Food Systems Council based in the towns of Waterbury and Duxbury; the Mad River Localvores representing the mad River Valley towns of Warren, Waitsfield, and Fayston; and the Central Vermont Food Systems Council, which is primarily based in the city of Montpelier in partnership with CVRPC.  Click on any of the Council names to go to their website.

Waterbury-Duxbury Food Systems Council

The Waterbury-Duxbury Food Council (WDFC) works to strengthen community by supporting and building a sustainable, healthy food system. 

The Waterbury-Duxbury Food Council began as an effort to improve our school lunch program — which at the time was not only hemorraging money but also providing lackluster food choices for our kids.  In two years, it has grown to include focuses on gardening, policy, community education, and food systems infrastructure.

Mad River Localvores

Mad River Localvores: Celebrating and supporting local food along the Mad River Valley-­ those who grow it, those who prepare it, and those who eat it. With our rising dependence on fossil fuels, degradation of the environment and advancing national health crisis, there is a pressing need for a model of change. Through ongoing community education and collaboration, the Mad River Localvores aim to increase local food production and consumption, improve the physical health of our community members and foster community connections around a sustainable and community supported food system.

Central Vermont Food Systems Council

The Central VT Food Systems Council helps to expand Central VT’s sustainable food system to ensure that the community has access to quality, affordable food.