Regional Broadband Plan

CVRPC is developing a network of contacts in communities and various industry sectors to assess where opportunities are available to develop broadband adoption and/or access.   With the help of local and regional stakeholders, including our regional technology team, broadband survey, and key stakeholder interviews, we are formulating an integrated technology plan.

Having recently completed our draft Sector Analysis Report, analyzing the current strengths and weaknesses for broadband implementation and usage, CVRPC is well on the way to developing a regional technology plan.

CVRPC Regional Broadband Profile and Sector Analysis 2012 (PDF) »

The final Broadband Plan:

Specific Goals and Deliverables:

  • Creation of new cross sector partnerships.
  • Identification of broadband technology gaps.
  • Creation of sustainable adoption strategy.
  • Present unique goals and needs of our Region to help the State’s efforts with broadband providers.
  • Select key partnerships that will benefit through coordinated use of information technology.
  • Set achievable goals for improving use.
  • Recommendations for action.
  • Creation of a draft Regional Technology Plan for achieving goals.
  • Hold local & regional events to inform the public about regional and state telecommunications plans.