Make Me A Map

CVRPC’s GIS Service Center is equipped with the latest GIS software.  If you’re looking for a parcel map of your land or a town wide soils map, we have the resources and know how to meet your needs.  Our data is available Statewide, regionally and town wide depending on the specific type of data and the geographic location.

  • Transportation
  • E911 Data
  • Land Cover/Land use
  • Surface Waters
  • Zoning (where applicable)
  • Structures (where available)
  • Soils
  • Slopes & Contours
  • Wetlands & Special Natural Areas
  • Political and Administrative Boundaries
  • Town Digital Parcel Data (click for available layers)
  • Demographics

We maintain many historic studies and create new studies, statistics, plans and maps for environmental, land use, economic, demographic, transportation, capital planning and related issues in our Region. Many are available as hardcopy (paper) or computer files in various formats.  All GIS mapping is fee based.

For more information on GIS data in Central Vermont, please contact Brian Voigt at 229-0389, ext. *10; or email  at