Regional Plan

CVRPC’s comprehensive Regional Plan is used to guide growth and development in the Region. The Plan is useful to local communities as a resource in the preparation of local plans, and is also used in the Act 250 and Section 248 review processes to evaluate major land use developments and subdivisions.

2016 Regional Plan

On June 12, 2018, CVRPC’s Board of Commissioners adopted amendments to the Regional Plan. This adopted Regional Plan became effective on July 17, 2018.  The adopted amendments included:  Updated language to address Act 171 – Forest Integrity; Updated Energy Element to include reference to the Regional Energy Plan; and Inclusion of the Regional Energy Plan as Appendix A-7.

On October 13, 2020 the CVRPC Board of Commissioners again adopted amendments to the 2016 Central Vermont Regional Plan.  The amendments include a revision is to the Regional Center boundary around the City of Montpelier as it appears on the Future Land Use Map and removal of the housing distribution plan.

2016 Central Vermont Regional Plan

2016 CVRPC Regional Plan with Proposed Amendment Jan 2020

Proposed Amendment Section Only – Jan 2020 with mark-up

2016 CVRPC Regional Plan with Amendment Adopted October 2020

2016 CVRPC Regional Plan with Amendment Adopted November 2020

Regional Plan Committee

The Regional Plan Committee develops and recommends updates to the Regional Plan.  Committee Members include the following:

  • Alice Peal, Waitsfield Alternate
  • Rich Turner, Williamstown
  • Mike Miller, Montpelier Alternate
  • John Brabant, Calais
  • Vacant

Regional Plan Committee Rules of Procedure

Regional Plan Committee Minutes & Agendas